Honor the departed with dignity and respect.

A traditional casket service and burial allows you and your loved one’s family and friends to see the deceased one last time to pay their respects. That lasting image of peace and tranquility can offer comfort for those grieving and help with the healing process.


Was your loved one not in favor of a traditional funeral?

If your loved one did not wish to have a memorial or religious service, you might consider cremation. Cremation allows you to lay their remains to rest in a location or fashion that more aptly suits their personality and wishes.


You can make your loved one’s difficult decisions for them.

Whether you pass suddenly or following a lengthy illness, your family will never be ready for the reality of planning your final services. Give them the gift of not having to handle that burden by meeting with us to pre-arrange your services.

When planning your funeral arrangements, consider starting a funeral trust. A trust guarantees prices will be fixed at current prices, relieves the financial burden placed on your family, and is regulated by the Pennsylvania State Board of Funeral Directors.

The Kovacs family has been serving Springfield in times of need since 1968. We offer a comprehensive range of services pertaining to honoring and fulfilling the wishes of the departed and family alike, from pre-planned and pre-funded services to coordinating full services on your behalf.

We offer a peaceful and secluded setting, tucked away in a quiet, wooded area. Just 15 minutes from Philadelphia International Airport, we also have a convenient location for gathering friends and family from around the country or world.


When you lose a member of your family, count on us to treat you like a member of our own.

Call Kovacs Funeral Home at 610-544-3222 and leave the logistics of your loved one’s final services to us.


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