Planning & Designing the Service

Every day we have countless chances to show someone how much we care. Funeral services or memorial services are deeply embedded in one's culture and unique history. They vary in traditions and reflect a vast array of values and beliefs. With all the wide ranging variations around the globe, one thing remains true of them all; it is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the life of your loved one, honor their memory and reflect on the relationship you shared.

Selecting the type of funeral, whether it’s traditional or a more unique and personalized reflection and celebration of one's life, we offer many options along with personal guidance from one of our experienced funeral planners. We will help you to choose the service which best reflects your family’s desires for a service to remember and a memory to cherish.

We handle everything leading up to funeral services :

  • Embalming service
  • Cremation service
  • Urns, caskets, and vaults
  • After-care
  • Spacious viewing room
  • Arrange floral and transportation services

You can choose to have us host the services or arrange them for you elsewhere:

  • Traditional funeral services
  • Memorial funeral services
  • Grave side funeral services

Rely on us regardless of your service needs:

  • At-home funeral arrangements
  • Military funeral services
  • Nondenominational funeral services
  • Faith-centered funerals – we are sensitive to all faiths

Price-lock your final expenses with a funeral trust or pre-need insurance:

  • Embalming service and casket
  • Cremation service and urn
  • Funeral wakes
  • Memorial funeral services
  • Traditional funeral services
  • Hearse and family transportation
  • Graveside funerals


Type of Services

Planning the details of a funeral service is a difficult task in a time of crisis. Beginning at the moment we receive notification of a person’s death, our professional staff will begin to assist your family with the many details of planning a funeral. We’ll take responsibility for the care of your loved one. A funeral director will make arrangements to meet with you to discuss your wishes, assure compliance with the law, provide assistance with floral selection and help coordinate the time and place of the funeral service.

Traditional Burial

A traditional burial has several options for caskets and grave markers. Our staff and facilities are available to your family to help coordinate the details of the service with the clergy, the cemetery, or other participants in the ceremony. Our caring staff will also aid your family in completing any necessary paperwork including obituary notices, Social Security forms, and Veteran’s and insurance benefits.


Cremation is an option families are choosing as part of their funeral plans and the reasons people give for choosing cremation vary. Prior to cremation, your family may choose to have a visitation and a funeral service with your loved one present. Our knowledgeable staff will explain cremation caskets and cremation rental caskets for those families choosing to have a viewing followed by cremation.